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Cod, samphire & basil risotto

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Cod Risotto-3

I don’t cook risotto very often, which is weird, considering how much I love it. A few years ago, I used to make it almost once a week. It was my Saturday dish, the main reason I’d wake up in a moderately good mood at 7am for 5 years straight, go teach and then come back, beat yet anxious to cook and get lost in what I considered then the absolute comfort food: delicate, buttery carbs, a couple vegetables, lots of black pepper and a hefty dose of parmesan. I still consider it utterly comforting and delicious. I just don’t make it as often. Still, when I eat out and I spot risotto on a menu, it’s almost always what I’ll order. And every time, right before that first bite, I long for the familiarity and comfortness, that sense of simple, unpretentious deliciousness. [READ MORE]

Dried mushroom & romano pepper risotto

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This is one of my all time favourite dishes, an adaptation of a Diane Kochilas recipe. I first came across it when I was in college, featured on a monthly food magazine, amongst ten of her favourite dishes. It wasn’t just the recipes that I loved, but also the way she was writing about food: I could almost taste the ingredients described and feel their significance for the writer. I think it’s after reading that segment that I started not only cook properly, but actually really read and pay attention to a recipe and the ingredients it listed. Around that time, along with my awareness of ingredients and techniques, my love for a quality home cooked meal also started to develop. [READ MORE]