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Chilli, lemon zest & parmesan popcorn

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Happy first of November y’all! I like this time of year- it’s not “OMG it’s Christmas” spectacular, nor “can’t wait to hit the beach” carefree, yet there’s something about this month, with it’s dark afternoons and first cold blasts, that fills me with a somewhat calm sense of comfort and an ever so slight excitement for the more glamorous month which follows. [READ MORE]

Sweet and salty cashew caramel corn

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The end of summer always leaves me with bittersweet emotions: while I don’t want to let go of the hot temperatures, smell of sunscreen, warm starry nights and the overall easiness of the season, I long for the first signs of fall. I ‘m always happy to see the sidewalks filled with colourful falling leaves and to try new comfort recipes featuring autumnal produce. Most of all, I can’t wait for Halloween. [READ MORE]