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Cranberry, dark chocolate & pistachio pavlovas

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Cranberry- dark-chocolate-pistachio-pavlovas

I’ve been doing a lot of baking the last couple of weeks. Maybe it’s because of the cold and gloomy weather, which increases my longing for nesting and quiet nights in. So I bake. I measure, stir and fold; I go back to familiar recipes and test out new ones. I gather ingredients– sometimes carefully, lovingly, savouring their looks, taste, smell and texture; other times, I hurry and grow impatient- yet even then, when the kitchen and my spirit seem to be on fire, when my mind is not quite there- even then, there’s some kind of magic in the process: in seeing ingredients change before my eyes, coming together, a whisk here, a fold there and there really is magic. Or something close to it, something you can savour, be somewhat proud of and share with others. [READ MORE]