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Nectarine & blackberry pie

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A couple weeks ago, I spent a whole day making pies for an event. They were filled with spinach and swiss chard, feta and ricotta and I was filled with joy. I love making pie of any kind and this is probably my favourite savoury combo. At the end of the day, I found myself tired, with some leftover phyllo pastry and in desperate need of a dessert (after all the pie ‘testing’). I glanced at the ice cream in the freezer, then at the beautiful fruit in the fridge and thought “What the hell, let’s make another pie! A nectarine & blackberry pie!” [READ MORE]

Avocado, nectarine & pistachio quinoa salad

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Avocado, nectarine & pistachio quinoa salad

One of the things I love more about the summer months is how my appetite and cooking changes. When it’s cold, I enjoy heartier, somewhat heavier dishes and I’m happy to spend hours in the kitchen making soups, bread or decadent desserts. As soon as it gets a little warm though, all I crave is speedy, refreshing meals with light textures. I mostly lean towards salads and I’m always impressed by the countless combinations one can come up when it comes to fresh vegetables and fruits. So, these days, that summer has finally arrived here in London (I mean, kinda- rain still keeps us on our toes) my cooking is almost exclusively dedicated to all sorts of things light, colourful and quick. From this one pot pasta and the easiest, hands down most delicious molten chocolate cake, to this avocado, nectarine & pistachio quinoa salad. [READ MORE]