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White chocolate & strawberry Dutch baby

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White chocolate & strawberry Dutch baby

I think I first came across the photo of a Dutch baby on Pinterest and was instantly smitten. I mean, what’s not to love? A giant pancake, perfectly puffed, perfectly golden brown, perfectly dusted with icing sugar. It really was love at first sight. The following day, I had my first go at that beautiful XL pancake and fell deeply, madly in love. I haven’t stopped making them since and our love affair grows stronger every time. [READ MORE]

No-churn coffee, choc chip & hazelnut ice-cream

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When I was little, the first ice-cream I had always markedĀ the beginningĀ of summer. It was almost always the same: two big round crunchy chocolate cookies, drenched in chocolate ganache, with vanilla ice-cream sandwiched between them. Heaven. I still have the same and it still marks the official start of the holidays for me, even though now that I’m all grown-up and able to make (all wise) decisions, I have ice-cream all year around. [READ MORE]