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How to put together the perfect fall cheese platter

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Perfect fall cheese platter

My love for cheese and entertaining people at home has been well-documented here (especially the cheesy part).  Understandably, I consider putting together the perfect fall cheese platter essential (and so much fun!) for a relaxed lunch or dinner at home. I love cheese.  All kinds, all textures, all smells.  What I love even more, is sharing it with others. Well, that’s not entirely true.  I’m up for sharing if there’s enough cheese available.  Let me give an example: one of the biggest fights I’ve ever had with Mike was because of a big chunk of cheese;  I’d chosen it carefully and was keeping in the fridge, guarding it like a dragon;  one day I came back from work late to discover that most of my precious had been hacked away and consumed by him and one of his friends.  Not quite a deal breaker, but close.  So, to recap, sharing cheese I love, as long as there’s plenty of it, purposely purchased for sharing. [READ MORE]