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Baked beans with harissa, chorizo & sun dried tomatoes

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Comforting as they are simple, these baked beans with harissa, chorizo & sun dried tomatoes remind me of home and speak to my heart. 

Baked beans with harissa, chorizo & sun dried tomatoes

How happy am I to be back here after what seems like forever! I have been working on projects almost non stop for the last couple of months and even though I much enjoy collaborations and the challenges and joy they bring, cooking purely for pleasure, following a craving or inspired by an ingredient is always what I love the most. That and sharing it all here. [READ MORE]

Chorizo, kale & blue cheese pasta bake

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Let’s start the week with the absolute best food in the planet: pasta (duh!). Ever since I was a kid I loved everything about pasta: all the varieties and their versatility, how they’re basically the perfect canvas for different sauces and ingredients, textures and layers. From a perfectly green, salty and nutty pesto, the elegance of a squid ink sauce, or the wonderful simplicity of a one pot dish, pasta is king. As part of a tuna salad, in a jar or featuring the best summer ingredients, to more wintery versions, featuring dark colours and no frills. And of course, my all time favourite version: covered in a cheese sauce and baked until bubbly, golden brown and delicious. If I had to choose one comfort food, it would be this. Every time. [READ MORE]

Chickpea, fennel & chorizo chunky soup

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I’ve been on a major fennel kick lately (evidently). I buy a fennel bulb almost every time I do my groceries shopping- and last time I was at the supermarket and could not find any, I was almost devastated (seriously; I must have asked at least three members of the staff- I looked so desperate and annoying, one of them even employed two of his co-workers to go look if there was any left at the back, while consolidating me and suggesting other vegetables instead. I swear, no person has ever waved at me so enthusiastically when I was leaving the store.) [READ MORE]