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Wishing you all a great weekend with Food for thought that’s all about books towns, unexpected plants, a must-try pasta sauce and the best cookie.

Happy Friday y’all! This very busy, very stressful week is finally coming to an end and I couldn’t be more relieved. I am so looking forward to a relatively lively Saturday spent with friends and a Sunday working on a couple recipes with juicy Medjools, marvelling at my new favourite book and finish watching this. In the meantime, here’s a few things I’m really into:

Very intrigued by this no-choice menu.

Here’s hoping this will finally help me beat my culinary nemesis.

Dream destinations for us bookworms.

In love with these cuties, especially the String of Pearls.

These– on repeat.

Very savvy cooking tips (#6 really works!).

One can’t ever have too many bamboo or straw bags.

This made me smile 🙂 (But: unlimited ice cream forever!)

* Very nutty baklava, coming at you fairly soon. 



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