Food for thought

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Friday’s food for thought with ice cold coffee, the best banana bread, the art of street photography and the charm of a good old t-shirt. 

food for thought

This short week seemed to go down a treat. The days were predominantly filled with books (I just started this and find it very hard to put down, despite its size), lots of cake testing and exceptionally bad weather (come on, London! It’s May!). And as such, they were quite ordinary, yet with moments of unexpected beauty and bursts of slightly mad inspiration. The weekend is still up in the air and I’d very much like it to stay this way. As long as there’s cake and more of these fleeting jolts of bliss, it’s all good.

Is it about time for cold coffee? Yes, please!

… and cut-offs too?

Jacques Henri Lartigue’s beautiful photos of his wife.

Alex Webb and the art of street photography.

On going gluten-free when you don’t actually need to. Aha!

On soundtracks and lazy filmmakers.

The everlasting charms of the simple t-shirt.

This cardamom & cocoa nibs banana bread is so good all around.

* A few of my favourite things (still): ripe avocados, peppery rocket, crunchy pumpkin seeds, coarse reasoning & fragrant limes.

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