Quick Christmas gift: cheese

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French cheese

Ahhhh, cheese, one of life’s greatest pleasures! The ideal start or end to a delicious meal but also perfect on it’s own. Cheese and I love each other. And what better time to share the love, any kind of love, than Christmas?

If you are a fan of edible gifts, cheese is one of the best ways to go. You can choose a classic festive stilton or pick up a couple different ones for a variety in intensity and texture.

For this Christmas selection I have favoured French varieties which are soft, creamy and delicious: a classic camembert, a crowd-pleasing chevre and a perfectly ripe chaource. Presented on their own or alongside a pear and apple chutney or, if you’re feeling super fancy, homemade quince paste, they make for one of the best Christmas gifts ever (alongside anything from Zara books).


P.S. The perfect cheese platter, the most delicious cheese straws and the easiest baked camembert.

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