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Food for thought

After a dreamy four day stay in Big Sur, we hit San Francisco and spent the last couple of days in Napa Valley. Even though I think I’ve left part of my heart in Carmel, these two days in the wine country have probably been my favourite. The scenery, the vines and cypress trees, the fragrant air and gorgeous weather have absolutely enchanted me- not to mention that a time spent drinking beautiful wine and eating the best seasonal food is always a time very very well spent. We’re off to Yosemite in a couple hours, where we’ll spend just over a day before heading back to our base, LA. I can’t wait to take in all the views to come and I’m quite excited for the hikes we have planned, but I’m still stuck in a wine state of mind- hence today’s Food for thought. Cheers to¬†great weekend, y’all!

Drinking laws and customs around the world (Pennsylvania FTW).

Our favourite wine so far. So so good!

Bubbles and how to do them right.

Perfect pairings– a good place to start.

An even better way to start: cheese. The perfect fall cheese platter. Really.

How to order wine like you know what’s up.

You’ve found the wine- now off to finding the right glass for it.

Last but certainly not least: hangover cures (hello, coffee, bacon and eggs!)

* 10.30 am buzz.

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