Food for thought

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Food for thought

We’ve been in LA since Wednesday and I’m already kinda in love with the place. The weather, the palm trees, the iconic landmarks and beautiful houses, plus the delicious food I’ve tasted so far, have all stolen my heart. Our schedule for the next couple of days will include a couple hikes up the hills and a day in Malibu, before we head up to Big Sur and Napa for a week. Hope you’re all having an equally inspiring time wherever you are. Happy weekend, y’all!

Can’t do LA with Mike and not think about the Oscars.

I know I’ll be sad to go back to London- but these will sure help cheer me up.

Decorating like a pro. Edit, surprise, improvise, keep it personal.

Keeping it hot- but not too hot.

Online film ratings as a new soft weapon.

The easiest way to transform a room- second to books.

On reading and empathy.

Favourite fall breakfast from one year ago today.

* Downtown LA, no filter.

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