Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Sunday is Father’s Day and since I love compiling lists of every short, I thought I’d round up some gift suggestions. The majority of them are not food related- that’s because I’m sure if I got my dad a ‘foodie’ item, I would then have to endure a quite long session of sarcastic comments. Come to think of it, quite a few of the suggested items will probably receive such comments- but I hope your dad is more easy going. So here you go, 11 dad-friendly ideas, some quite pricey, some not- I hope they inspire you to get your papa something cool.

1. I love men’s bags, especially those which mean business, without looking too preppy or formal. Like this one, that’s also now on sale.

2. My dad’s favourite mustard– I find it a little intense, but love the container it comes in.

3. This coffee maker not only looks stunning, but apparently also makes pretty good coffee. Keeper.

4. Not too long (and not blushingly short either), no palm trees or other crazy patterns- I think we have a winner pair of swim shorts.

5. My dad uses a brush and a bar of soap to shave every morning. I find it adorably old school, just like this Murdock brush.

6. A great chef’s knife– essential for your dad and, well, everyone.

7. Super cool, super minimal watch (which you can buy for your dad and then borrow- win win).

8. My dad loves whiskey and has an extensive collection of blue glass vessels. So these beautiful (and yes, expensive) crystal glasses are a no-brainer, really.

9. Back in the day and for a very short period of time, my dad became obsessed with bread-making. Maybe these classes from e5 Bakehouse would put him back in the game.

10. You’ll need a great whiskey to go with those glasses, right? How about this one? A little salty, a little smoky, a little spicy and a lot delicious.

11. De Sica, Fellini, Rossellini- my dad can’t get enough of these guys and this is a great collection of their masterpieces.

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