Kiwi, lime & cardamom sorbet

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One of the reasons why I love cooking with vegetables and fruits so much is the endless variety in colours and shapes. Case in point, kiwis. When you first look at one, all you see is a small, bland, hairy potato. But… Cutting through it and it’s a whole different story: the most gorgeous, soft yet vibrant green appears, paired with a pale yellow centre and decorated with perfectly placed black little spots. I mean, if this is not a thing of beauty, I don’t know what is. Gorgeous AND bursting with vitamins C and K- we’ve got a winner here.


Not surprisingly, kiwis are a staple in my kitchen. Up until recently, I always wolfed them down in the same way: I peeled the unattractive hairy brown layer off, cut the beautiful juicy interior in half and shove it in my mouth. Two kiwis at a time, done.


But when I came across this beautiful, super simple Waitrose recipe for a kiwi sorbet, I knew it was time I changed my tune. Lots of kiwis, lots of lime, a little sugar and you have the perfect frozen treat. Why the hell didn’t I think of that?


Grab some kiwis, peel and roughly chop them, combine with some delicious lime juice and a good amount of sugar syrup, blend and freeze. I also added some cardamom in the mix for extra flavour and kick, but the kiwis alone are also quite perfect. Yes for this year’s first frozen dessert, yes for kiwis and their beauty. Just yes.




200 gr caster sugar

100 ml water

8 ripe kiwis

juice of 4 limes (or less, if you want the sorbet to be a touch sweeter)

5 cardamom pods, cut open, seeds extracted

to serve: coconut yogurt, kiwi slices

In a small sauce pan, combine the sugar, water and cardamom seeds; bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to low and simmer until the sugar has dissolved, about 5-7’. Remove from the heat and set aside until cool. When cool, fish out the cardamom seeds and discard them.

Peel the kiwis, chop them roughly and place in a food processor; add the lime juice and sugar syrup and pulse to a pulp.

Pour into a container and freeze until just frozen (1- 2 hours). Scoop back into the food processor, pulse again, return back to the container and freeze again until softly frozen.

Repeat two more times and then freeze until set.

Serve as is, along with some kiwi slices, or on top of some coconut yogurt.

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  1. Alkyoni says:

    (literally) cool recipe!
    I have a question: what’s the best way to store kiwi?

    • amaryllis says:

      I actually had to look this up- keep underripe kiwi outside the fridge and once ripe, store in the fridge for several days. Also, a handy general rule: don’t store fruit and vegetables together- fruits contain ethylene, a maturing agent, which can quickly overripe (and potentially spoil) your vegetables.

  2. Alkyoni says:

    Thank you! When you say don’t store fruit and veg together, you mean keep them in separate containers? Or boxes, when outside the fridge?

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